A New Beginning

As one year ends and a new one begins people often reflect about what they have accomplished over the past year, their highs and lows, most memorable moments and things they have achieved.

As 2016 came to an end, everyone around me started talking about their highlights of the past year – getting married, getting a new job, having a baby, traveling, starting their own business, celebrating a milestone birthday etc. – this got me thinking about my past year, what I had accomplished and where I was in life.   In 2016, I got divorced and was now a single mom of two, working full time, and trying to keep up with it all.  For the first time in 20 years, I was alone and on my own in raising my kids, making decisions, figuring out the finances, and learning to do a myriad of other things that I had depended on a husband to do for so many years.

For me this past year was not marked by any major milestone, there was no new relationship, extravagant trip, new job or promotion, or new house.  There were no fabulous parties and crazy nights out or “memorable moments” in the traditional sense.  However, as I started to think about my past year, I felt a great sense of joy and peace that I had never felt before, and I realized this was because I accomplished and achieved the greatest thing…ME.  Through all the drama, heartbreak and hurt from the past year, I learned to heal, forgive those that have let me down, love myself, and let go of all that serves no purpose including the past. I learned to soar, to believe in a power greater than me, to discover who I truly am and what is at my core. Most importantly, I learned to live in the moment, and realized how to make all my dreams happen.  Though this past year for me wasn’t marked by any major milestone by society’s traditional definition, I achieved one of the most significant accomplishments, one that brings me to a higher level, and a new life filled with “true” moments, peace and pure love.

When my life was suddenly turned upside down, I desperately sought help and answers on how to move on and achieve inner peace and happiness.   Once I was on my way to achieve this, I became more aware and compassionate of others and I started to notice that all around I could see people in pain, pain they didn’t even know they were actually in, because often it was being masked with external and often temporary pleasures (partying, drinking, seeking attention/love/acceptance from others or indulging themselves in materialistic things – not that there is anything wrong with materialistic things but people often do it for the wrong reasons). All around I could see people making choices based on intentions they probably weren’t intending to have, choices based on hurt, desperation, lack of love for oneself, and lack of feeling complete.  So, when 2017 began I made a resolution to share my journey and what I had learned, with the hope of bringing more awareness to others and in doing so helping others live a fulfilled and happy life.

With that resolution in mind, I am starting this blog and will cover topics related to taking care of your core, growing to a higher level and achieving all you want.  My hope is to make people stop, think about themselves, what they are doing, what they really want in life, how they want to live it, and to start to make a change at the core, even if it is just being honest with oneself.  My hope is that my experiences, my struggles, my lessons, and my wins will resonate with some, and help them realize their true potential, grow, and live a meaningful and balanced life.

Journey with me to a higher level!