Stepping into Alignment {Gabby Bernstein’s 5 Steps}

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Gabby Bernstein in a recent workshop she hosted in NYC, talked about five things you can do to step into alignment with the truth of who you are and what you want. What does it mean to be in alignment? You are in alignment when you feel good and are flowing with your life, you are out of alignment when you feel bad. If you are out of alignment here are Gabby’s five steps to get back into it:

Step 1 – The Universe is Always Saying Yes

The universe is always saying yes, whether you like it or not.  What are you a yes for? Are you a yes for romance or loneliness, are you a yes for wellbeing or illness? State what you are a yes for!

Do not judge yourself when you are out of alignment instead slow down the momentum. When you are going upstream, shift the momentum to go downstream, downstream is where it flows. You can do this by redirecting your focus onto something else (something that is thriving), simply taking a nap, or helping someone.

Step 2 – It is Good to Feel Good

We often use fear to protect us from being hurt and default to the “this is too good to be true”. However, when you are feeling good, go for more, ride the wave, ride the momentum. What you want isn’t the goal, you already are it and it becomes you.

Step 3 – Take Spiritually Aligned Action

When you take action from a place of misalignment then it becomes a mess. Don’t start off out of alignment, if you feel off, get into alignment first.

Step 4 – Follow the Fun

If it doesn’t feel fun, then why are we doing it. The more fun you have along the way the faster you attract what you want.

Step 5 – Put out What You Want to Receive

Put out what you want to receive, claim it, place it, direct your positive intentions towards what you want. Always set a clear intention, before you do anything, including something simple as sending an email.  Always set an intention first.