The Power Within – Our Internal Toolbox

We always look outwardly for help, answers, affirmations and approval. We look to other people including our friends when making decisions, we go to counselling/therapy for solutions when things aren’t going our way, we look to our teachers and elders for guidance on what is considered right and wrong, and we even look to the entertainment world for role models on what is hip and new, and the latest way of doing things.  While there is nothing wrong with looking to others for help and guidance, as their wisdom can be very useful in helping us in our journey, we need to remember that there is one person we often overlook and fail to consult when searching for answers, and that is US.  We have an amazing power within us that is often not recognized by our own selves. This power can be used to heal, both physically and emotionally, to understand yourself, to guide you in the right direction, to make decisions, to improve relationships, and to help manifest your vision.  While we can go to others for comfort, advice, and help in processing decisions, we are the only one that knows what is good for us, how we want to live our life, and what is the right decision to make. I am not saying we shouldn’t share with others or seek guidance, but we should always combine it with our own inner reflection, work, and knowledge.

The key is to recognize this power within and tap into it. This takes time, patience and an understanding of how this inner power works. Sometimes we choose not to tap into this power and do the “work” because it is easier for someone else to do the work for us.

I personally started to learn about the “power within” after going to therapy a handful of times. I remember the first time I went, I liked the thought of getting help, comfort, and answers. However, the experience was quite the opposite. For me, therapy was so textbook and there was one standard response for each situation. I felt therapists were listening and giving me a very clinical diagnosis without any connection or understanding of me or the situation I was in.  I remember one therapist telling me “well this is just the way everybody does it,” and I thought “well just because everybody does it, does that make it right, and does that make it the only way?”  I quickly realized traditional therapy was not for me, so I looked for other resources, and in doing so, made a connection to the inner self – I learnt and grew more from this than I did in any therapy session.  From this connection, I knew I wanted a way to truly grow, advance, heal, and learn to live my life to its fullest. I realized this could only be accomplished from within and I had all the tools and resources to do so.

I tap into my power by using the “power tools” in my internal tool box.  All tools require some level of skill to fully master, and I use different tools for different circumstances and to different degrees as appropriate.

“Our Power Tools”

Strength – We all have unbelievable strength within us to allow us to overcome anything.  We tap into our Strength tool when we are overwhelmed and feel we can’t overcome a tough situation. Other times we may need it to a lesser degree, for example, to bite our tongues before expressing a negative emotion or telling someone what we really think about them. Whatever the situation, we all have it within us and need to call upon it.

Intuition – I love this tool when I am able to use it. However, for me it is one of the hardest to use, and requires a skill that I have not yet mastered.  If you are of clear mind and are able to connect with yourself and are aware of the energy within and around you, your intuition can be a very powerful resource and guide.

Knowledge – We all have knowledge of who we are and what we want. If you take the time to sit with yourself, clear your mind and the noise, and understand yourself – you will know what is right for you and what steps you need to take next.  Whether it is to heal, improve a relationship, improve your health or make a career or financial decision – all answers lie within you.  If you are having a difficult time finding them, it is because you have created blocks within yourself that don’t allow you to see who you are.

Courage – The most important tool in your toolbox is courage – courage to make the right decision that is based on what truly reflects you and who you are. Often, we know what the right thing to do is, but we just don’t have the courage to make the decision. This could be for a variety of reasons including fear, worrying about what other people may think, or worrying about hurting or disappointing someone.

Love – I put this in the toolbox because whenever you are coming from a place of fear, anger, sadness, worry or any other negative emotion, the “power within you” is diminished and all the other tools become less effective. When you feel any negative emotion, turn to love, (love for yourself, love for others), feel and express gratitude, and practice compassion. When you do this, your attitude will change, you will feel different and you become more powerful.

Remember to create anything it takes more than one tool, and to use these tools to their fullest potential requires skill and practice!

– Live and Be at a Higher Level –