The Source that Fuels it All – Our Being, Our Essence, Our Core

To feel and be truly successful in all aspects of your life, make a commitment to connect and take care of the source that fuels it all.

Growing up, we are taught by our parents and teachers about the importance of education, going to college, getting a good job, and making money; we are taught about nutrition, what to eat and what not to eat; we are taught to exercise; we are taught about relationships and getting married; we are taught about having a bucket list and pursuing our dreams; and, we are even taught to be good to others through acts of kindness and charitable deeds.  Education, career, health, relationships/family, giving back, hobbies/play – we make plans and goals for all these areas in life but at the center and heart of it all is something we are taught very little about, our core, our essence, our being – the energy that fuels it all.  Our core is at the center and is a part of all elements in our life, and it is what brings each element life and meaning.  As significant as this is, rarely is it talked about in our schools and homes, rarely are we taught or do we make the effort to care for our internal selves.  Perhaps there is a misconception that this is something that should come naturally to us, and for some it does, however, for most of us it doesn’t and we often remain clouded by past experiences and negative emotions.

What is Our Core? It’s the energy and power (some people call it soul, spirit, center) within you, it is the energy that fuels everything in your life. When the core is taken care of, and allowed to shine through, its energy is insurmountable and provides positive fuel allowing an individual to soar in all aspects of life.  When it is not taken care of and nourished, one may be “successful” in certain areas of life but that success may not feel satisfying or enough.

This feeling of not having enough and this urge for wanting more, is something we can all relate to, whether we have felt it in our own lives or seen it in others.  From the outside, we may seem like we have it all, the beautiful home, successful career, great marriage, lovely family – but deep within there is a level of dissatisfaction, a feeling that something is missing. Often, we don’t recognize or acknowledge this feeling, because surely on paper when everything looks good we shouldn’t be feeling this way.  We ignore the feeling and continue on in our lives, unintentionally seeking outside sources to fill this void. These sources come in all forms and could be climbing the career or social ladder, more money, bigger house, purchasing of materialistic things, acting out, or even unintentional acts of how we treat people by competing with or judging them.  However, no matter how many temporary pleasures or outside sources your pursue, if you have not taken care of yourself, and your intentions, thoughts and actions are not coming from a centered place, the feeling will keep coming back and that void will not be filled.   To have true satisfaction and success in your life, everything should come from the core – and that is from a core that is taken care of, nurtured and balanced.  At the core is an immense energy of love, truth, peace, compassion, belief, and faith and when tuned into it, it overpowers the negative emotions that hold us back in life like fear, hatred, bitterness, worry, anxiety, and sadness. If you get connected to your core, nurture it and take care of it, you will start to see your true authentic self and all other aspects in your life will fall into place.  Coming from a balanced and centered core will bring you the greatest results and level of satisfaction in all elements of your life – relationships, career, home, financial, health, hobbies/playtime.

Connecting to the core has enhanced every aspect of my life and is why I have made such a strong commitment to personal growth and advocate others to do so as well. There is a desire in each of us to evolve and grow spiritually and find purpose and meaning in our lives and this starts from within and by understanding and connecting to ourselves.  Unfortunately for many of us, this is something we have to learn and train ourselves to do, and like any new skill it may take time.  However, the time is worth the outcome and it is worth learning and teaching others, including our children. Imagine a world where we place just as much emphasis on personal growth and spirituality as we do other things in life, including making money. Imagine a world where people were taught early on how to deal with anger, fear, jealousy, anxiety, and worry and replace those emotions with peace, love, compassion, faith, belief, and forgiveness. Imagine a world where people’s actions came from a centered and balanced place that reflected their true authentic self – our world and the people in it would be kinder, happier, peaceful and more fulfilled.

How do you connect to yourself? Start by clearing the noise and clutter in your head through meditation, yoga, and/or being in nature; understand yourself and beware of your intentions, thoughts and actions, and make sure they reflect who you really are; and set yourself free from your past by healing old wounds, forgiving and letting go.