Same Situation, Two Different Endings

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Our energy impacts others and in turn how they react to us. When our interactions with others aren’t going well, it is within us to change it at any time.

I went to the hospital this week to get some routine tests done, and as I was approaching the door to the check in area, a lady was walking out. As she walked passed me, she rolled her eyes and looked irritated. I immediately sensed that something was going on inside. As I approached the window of the closed door, I could see two women engaging in a heated conversation. I opened the door and stood behind a lady in a wheelchair while her daughter in front of her was talking loudly and arguing with the lady at the front desk. I initially had no idea what was going on, but within minutes I realized the daughter was flustered and upset as she did not know where to take her mother for her appointment. I smiled at the mother in the wheelchair and she smiled back at me commenting on how cute my bag was, she then looked at me and said, please forgive my daughter, she is tired as she has been up all night with me. I looked at her and said, it is all right we all have those days. As I continued to engage in conversation with the mother, the daughter continued to get frustrated and angry with the staff at the front desk, in turn the staff at the front desk began to get angry right back at her. Staff decided to call a supervisor, who then called security with the intent of escorting the mother and daughter out. Before they could be escorted out, another staff member intervened to help. This staff member maintained her composure and very calmly handled the situation, being helpful and positive despite being initially talked to rudely by the daughter. After a few minutes of this new staff member listening and genuinely trying to help the daughter, (instead of asserting her power or making a point as many people would do in this situation), the energy shifted, the daughter calmed down, and the heated argument deescalated. Instead of security escorting the mother and daughter out, this co-worker personally chose to walk the mother and daughter to where their appointment was located.

This is a good reminder on how our reactions impact others and how it is within us to change a situation at any time. It is also a reminder on how compassion and kindness can go along way and really make a difference to someone. The same situation could have had two very different endings, with the only difference being a result of one person’s level of awareness and sense of compassion.