For Every Time….

For every time we pose for a picture, it would be nice if we spend a few moments looking at that picture remembering who we really are, what we stand for and what we believe in.

For all the money and time we invest in materialistic things, lets also invest in ourselves. Invest in our personal growth and spiritual, mental and physical health.

For every time we go out and have fun with our friends, let’s plan a night in, relaxing with those closest to us, celebrating and loving who we are.

Every time we learn something new, or achieve a goal, let’s take the time to give back and teach others how to climb higher and achieve their goals as well.

Every time we go out with our friends, to the latest restaurant or happening place, let’s make sure we focus on who we are with as opposed to where we are at.

Every time we judge someone for acting, believing or doing something in a certain way, let’s stop, and take the time to find something good in them. Compliment them, support them, and respect them, even if they don’t have the same opinion as us, or we don’t believe in everything they do.

Every time we walk outside, let’s take a few moments to enjoy where we are and see the beauty around us.

If we spent just a little more time on the things that matter, we would be better people and our world would be a better place. It’s the people, places and moments that matter!